Flowtelic updates 003—Workflow, focus mode and a BIG ego

published6 months ago
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Hey ,

It's been a short while since the last update, but good news, there's plenty to talk about.

New Features Launched!

Notable features released since the last email:

Zettelkasten Workflow

The app has a new workflow that aligns more closely with the Zettelkasten note-taking method. You can now organize your notes into capture, archive, projects and artifacts.

See it in action on this YouTube video:

The plan is to allow individual collections to have a customizable workflow. So if Zettelkasten isn't your thing, in the future I want it so you can create your own workflow from scratch. Exciting!

Focus Mode

This is a thrilling feature launch for Flowtelic that helps set it apart. I believe that the value of your note-taking is doing it consistently and letting your understanding and knowledge compound over time. With focus mode, you will get distraction free session to study, organise and create.

You can see this in action in this YouTube video:

Don't forget, you can play with the browser only version here: https://app.flowtelic.com

Remember, you can right-click your collection and save all your notes as a zip file containing a markdown version of all your notes. So that can give some piece of mind that your content will always be yours.

In videos

Here's what been new on the YouTube channel.

Zettelkasten Study Session—Keto

Obsidian Advanced Techniques

13 Mac App for Productivity

I would love for you to support the channel and help our community grow. So do like these videos, then don't forget to subscribe!

My first Twitter space interview!

Want a behind the scenes view of what it's like being a solo founder, building in public and more? Then check out this audio recording of a Twitter Space between Albert Kozlowski, the founder of Birdslate, and myself.



The month long CoStarting accountability group has now finished. I've met some fantastic entrepreneurs during this journey.

Our final session was live streamed where we have to give an assessment of our SUCCESS or FAILURE from when we started a month ago. How do you think I did with Flowtelic?


We've passed the 500 YouTube subscriber milestone 🎉 and closing in on 600. I would like to thank you all for supporting this journey and being a founding member of this growing community.

Over 200 of you are now receiving this email. The growth has been fantastic and a huge joy to know you all love note-taking and are curious enough to see what Flowtelic develops into.

And if you do follow me on Twitter, I now have over 3,000 friends to virtually hang out with and inspire.

Do you have a BIG ego?

One reason why I love having a lot of followers on Twitter is so I can get rapid answers to the random questions I have. For example, do people see themselves having a big ego?

Yeah, apparently so 😂

Can you listen to podcasts while you work?

Not really.

Do you think differently?

Pretty much.

Can you touch type?

Getting those wpm in!

Collectively, your favourite colour is...

On the web

Just for some fun, check out this amazing portfolio website! 🤯


That's all for this update. I'm now exploring server sync so your notes can go where you go. It's a huge update, so sit tight. Follow me on Twitter if you can't wait as I share updates more frequently.




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